How to Lead and Build Strategy for Data Platform

  1. Business Oriented (Business Driven) and Create Alignment
  • If there’s only data warehouse and structured data now, what about data lake and un/semi-structured data?
  • If there’s only offline data processing now, what about streaming and stream processing to reduce data latency?
  • If there’s only small traffic, what about the volume in next 1–3 years and 3–5 years
  • Does it make sense to bring vendor solutions in-house for flexibility, cost, or other reasons?
  • If entering new markets, what about the data privacy and compliance laws there?
  • How to make all data easily discoverable and leveraged to generate value?
  • Where is the industry going, and what are the new technologies? ……
  • what you should do it for? and why?
  • who can help you do it?
  • who you should empower and collaborate with? and how?
  • what’s potentially next?
  • what you need to do now? and potentially next?




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Bowen L

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